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    Paperman by Disney is a wordless tale of romance between two strangers in mid-century New York City, the movie is a simple construct, supremely well-rendered, and in black-and-white, except for a few crucial blotches of red lipstick. It may, in its modest way, point towards a new frontier in animation, where computer-generated visuals are brought face to face with old-style hand-drawing, because it uses both at once. (Source: The Telegraph)

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  3. ‘Bike Man’ Illustration by Liah Moss

    ‘Bike Man’ Illustration by Liah Moss

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  4. ‘Mustache’ by Liah Moss

    ‘Mustache’ by Liah Moss

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Illustration by Liah Moss

    Illustration by Liah Moss

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    Children writing scripts acted out by adults? I’m sold.

    Better than that Twilight shit.


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  8. A step to living architecture

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    I can imagine a load of Star Wars fans screaming to make one of these with Princess Leia. 

    French underwear corseter Empreinte have opened their first concept store in Paris. That’s the not so interesting part. The really interesting part is… THERE’S AN AFTER HOURS 3D HOLOGRAM OF WOMEN IN THEIR UNDERWEAR.

    I’m not that overly excited about 3D holograms of women in their underwear - but I can imagine a lot of desperate men who are. 

    Either way, a holographic mannequin wearing l’Atelier lingerie appears after 9pm every night between May 23 and May 26. She then disappears in a shower of stars. Aw. 

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  10. 'Oldboy' by Liah Moss

    'Oldboy' by Liah Moss

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